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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome augustus60

BTDL would like to introduce Katrina a.k.a. augustus60!

Katrina graduated from Law School some years ago, although she doesn't currently practice. She has a wonderful family and two very nice dogs. She is an "army wife" to a deployed soldier 2005-2006, but her hubby, thankfully, is home safe and sound at present.

Katrina has been creating paper piecing artwork for many, many years and is an avid scrapbooking fan. She only realized recently – and with great excitement - that there is a market on ebay for this type of artwork. She creates paper piecings using lots of original artwork (drawn and painted) among the high quality scrapbooking papers she use exclusively. She also incorporates her own small, completely original sculptured flat back pieces as embellishments, and she is in the process of creating a line of resin "flat backs" from her own sculptures.
Katrina has been sculpting dolls and miniatures in polymer clay for years, and she's taught polymer clay, portrait and figure sculpting to novices and very well known sculptors alike. She is very proud that her original sculptures have been displayed in fine homes, galleries and publications worldwide. She is also an excellent drawer, mostly fairy and mermaid illustrations, with a painting or two once in a while. Katrina says, "I love ebay because it has given me and many others a forum for the artworks we create!"

Welcome Katrina, we are so HAPPY to have you on board!
Check out Katrina's work here!

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