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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rolled Hotdogs

This recipe comes from our very own Mellisa or as you might know her thescrapbookexchange. It is a family favorite that everyone enjoys!

Rolled Hot Dogs aka... Heart Attack on a Platter:)


All Beef Hot Dogs
Dill Pickles (Sliced lengthwise same length as hot dog)
Velvetta Cheese - (sliced into long strips same length as hot dog)
Bacon Srips
Dijon Mustard
Tooth Picks

Ok, slice the hotdog lengthwise but not all the way through. Layer some Dijon Mustard in the slice, then layer the cheese and then the pickle. Take one piece of Bacon and secure one end with a toothpick to the hotdog, and wrap the entire dog with the bacon, securing the other end with another tooth pick. They look like this when they are assembled.


Place on a broilder pan, and broil until bacon is crisp. You will need to turn the dogs so all sides of the bacon are cooked completely. Please note that you will lose some cheese.

Here is what they look like cooked:

I DARE YOU TO TRY THIS. You think you won't like it... but you will. I have made these for many many skeptics and all end up asking me for the recipe. These are delicious and a great finger food! For a fun variation try using mini hotdogs for finger foods at parties. I gaurantee everyone will want this recipe!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

If loving ribbon is wrong....

...than I don't want to be right.

It's true. I am a ribbon lover. I always labeled myself a paper kind of gal, but after a recent order of ribbon came in the mail, I am smitten! Polkadotted, stitched, embroidered, florals, twill, ricrac... So many yards of ribbon, so little time.

The ladies at BTDL were recently asked which scrapbook goodie they couldn't live without. Jan (hocki1415), our designer of the month, shares my fondness for ribbon. Polkadots are one of our favorites, and Jan can't resist pink and black! Andrea (andreatdesigns)loves buttons, and I love how she incorporates them in her altered art and to-die-for handmade cards. Jules (juliespieces)is a flower girl - simply mention the word "Prima" and watch her swoon :) Her sweet bear family pages are often blooming, and so colorful you are tempted to smell the roses!

Tonya (rainedakota) loves her ribbons and flowers too, but when asked what her obsession is? Charms. Enameled, pewter, clay, silver... she can't get enough of these delicate dangling pretties. One look at one of her signature Designer Purse Albums™ with their fabulous hang tags, and you will be charmed, I'm sure :)

Anita (scrapinams) is our resident Prima Queen. Her collection of these lovely flowers makes me envious, and the way she uses these pretties on her altered tins is flower fabulous!The princess of Primas would have to be Sheryl (scrappy4477). Her love of these blooms is rivaled only by her fondness for letters - chipboard and Doodlebug! Sheryl has an eye for fonts too, as evidenced not only by her layouts, but her fabulous digi work! Check her blog for her latest freebies!

Tina (tycaalak) loves chalk and ink - look closely at her darling paper piecings and you will be wowed by all the subtle shading and highlights. Tina just released her first CD with patterns of some of her best loved paper piecings, and it is incredible! As for Melissa (thescrapbookexchange), her accent of choice is Stickles. A little sparkle here, a little sparkle there... I think she has every color available.

Michelle (antq.freak)is all about the Bazzill. Her collection is incredible; every color you could ask for, and every shade of pink imaginable :) Her latest layout is just tooo pretty! Another Bazzill fan is Sandra(cornerhobby). How she is able to turn these pieces of cardstock into her intricate, multi-layered piecings is beyond me.... she must have magic fingers, although she says she just uses her favorite tool, her Cutterbee scissors :)

Paper is Julie's (bdule) true love. She says she wants to marry pretty paper. Of course, how many weddings can she have? There are so many pretty papers out there. And too, I think the primas would get jealous - she loves them too!

Sandy (sandyvint)loves her sewing machine, and stitches on just about every project she makes. Her little stitched shingles on her "house" explosion boxes are perfect! Of course, all of the ladies at BTDL want to raid Sandy's car - she has a habit of filling her trunk with goodies and forgetting about them. Stickles, paper, flowers, buttons, ribbon - even a sewing machine - odds are good you can find it in Sandy's car!

What is YOUR can't-scrap-without-it item? Post your comment here, and from the responses we get, I will randomly draw ONE of the posters for a PRIZE. He or she will receive FREE SHIPPING on their next order at the BTDL Boutique. Contest ends July 31, so be sure to vote in the poll, and LEAVE A COMMENT telling us YOUR favorite product!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More than burnt toast!

The girls of BTDL decided to offer up some of our yummy recipes for everyone to enjoy. Each week we will add 1 or 2 new recipes to share with our loyal readers! This weeks recipe is from Anita (scrapinams) and it is over the top YUMMY! Enjoy your meal :)

You can find the collection of recipes in the side bar, under the title "More than burnt toast"

Chicken Pomodoro

Each week one of the Designers at BTDL will be featuring a recipe.
This one is from Anita (scrapinams) enjoy!!

"Chicken Pomodoro"
**1lb chicken breast, pounded thin
**1lb roma tomatoes, cut in a medium dice
**1 large onion, minced
**6 good sized cloves of garlic (not a bulb ladies, cloves) pealed and minced
** olive oil
**1lb of spaghetti noodles, cooked and drained

1. season the chicken and grill or cook on stove until juice runs clear when pierced. Cover with foil and set aside to rest

2. heat about a 1/4 cup olive oil in a heavy skillet over medium heat

3. add the onions and the garlic to the pan and cook for 5-8 minutes until onions are translucent and garlic is lightly browned. if the garlic turns brown, your heat is too high. Don't panic, just turn it down :)

4. add the tomatoes to the pan, and saute for 3-4 minutes until tomatoes release their juice. You do not want to cook the tomatoes down to mush - this is a fresh dish.

5. slice chicken thinly and add to pan with another 1/4 olive oil. Toss to heat thru

6. Place spaghetti in a large serving bowl that has been pre-heated with hot water. Add the chicken mixture and toss to combine.

7. serve with freshly grated asiago and romano cheeses.