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Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Place to Call My Own...

Whether it is an entire wing of your house with built in shelves or a humble yet lovely laundry basket you tote your paper and scissors in, scrap space is precious real estate. I used to claim squatters rights to the kitchen island for my scrapping, and have since taken over the fourth bedroom in our house as my studio.

Ok, and I still will camp out on the kitchen island to scrap, even though I have an entire room devoted to my favorite hobby. But I love having my space, a place where I can spread out my pretty paper and supplies, listen to music I like, and cut and paste to my heart's content.

I have been cleaning and reorganizing my scraproom for the last week, so I can't show you pictures of my room yet (it is almost done! I will take pictures the second it is perfectly clean, because I know that it won't stay that way long!) but I do have some photos of other BTDL members' scrap spaces to share.

This is Jan's space. Not only do I envy her organization, I covet her flower collection, and I am positively drooling over her ribbons! I think I could go shopping in her scraproom, and with all her pretties organized so nicely, finding the perfect combination of embellishments would be a breeze! Maybe she can help me finish organizing my room...

And speaking of ribbons - I think Michelle has the most perfect ribbon holder ever. My favorite part of her scrap space? The inspirational words on the wall. Love it! Michelle also has a beautiful view of her pond from her window. Of course, with all the wonderful papers and pretties in her room, the wonderful view has some competition.

Stay tuned to see more pictures of BTDL scrap spaces. Wait until you see Julie's scrap space with these lovely half wall partitions that are positively brimming with pretty papers! Hopefully by then I will have my room organized, and have some nice pictures to share :)

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