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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trivia Tuesday

We had such fun with last week's trivia question, we decided to do a trivia question each Tuesday! This week's prize....

...a darling gingerbread house made by juliespieces. It is over seven inches tall! Perfect for your winter pages :)

This week is a bit like a "scavenger hunt" in that you have to match each creation listed below with the BTDL member that created it! Below are nine different BTDL artists' work, and each creation was made during the month of October. Just be the first person to email us with the correct designer for ALL of the pieces listed below:

1. Layout with a "quilt" and strawberry bear
2. Layout with a dancing skeleton
3. Layout entitled "Little blossom"
4. a handcrafted album with a cover reading "Grandmas are just antique little girls"
5. a set of tear bears dressed as a mummy, candy corn, vampire, mummy, and pumpkin princess
6. witch bear holding sign "Halloween is a real treat"
7. Layout entitled "Fabulous Fall"
8. Layout with teapot shaped like a penguin
9. embellie set in a mother goose theme

Hint: Some are on auction right now on eBay... and some have already ended. But you can also look at "completed listings" in your search...

SEND your answers

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